When the going gets tough…

Obviously, life has been chaos, because had it not been chaos I’d have had plenty of time to blather on to wordpress, no? Trust me, chaos.


If I never have to be party to selling a house again, it will STILL be too soon. This has been an exercise in extreme frustration and I’m not sure we’re well prepared to be on the flip side of the coin in just a few short weeks as we start looking to buy a new property. Don’t get me wrong, absolutely excited, but terrified is also applicable.

My biggest concern is the state of my medical bullshit and nailing down the numerous specialists to stay on top of it. I don’t hold much faith that this will be a smooth process, especially given my body’s decision to totally melt down at the moment. Full body systemic crapshoot, wheeeeeeeeeee 😀

But that is neither here nor there. I’m just checking in for the sake of checking in and reminding myself this page exists. The move does not effect plugging away at my degree (helloooooooooo BA), thankfully, and the potential for steps toward re-entering the workforce is still in play. Wish me luck!