A quiet aside.

School has taken precedence in the past few weeks, much to the chagrin of my brain which feels pent up and bound by the constraints of deadlines and finals.

I do keep writing, dutifully, every week, but for all the posts waiting in the wings none seem quite fit to move up from their rough draft status. I’m sure it’s relatable…when things loom on the horizon all the piddly outlets you try to find to patch problems temporarily seem….utterly useless and not good enough.

Medically things took a turn for the strange for awhile, leading to several new referrals and the joy of worrying about a new segment of the alphabet being added to the already lengthy amalgamation of letters that seem to describe my life, or certain aspects of it. If nothing else, I hold out hope that at least one of these new specialties will find some puzzle piece I hadn’t previously had, give us something new to try instead of just drawing back and flinging meds at the side effects of meds.

I’d like to say that I’m in a place mentally where I’m ready to just hop right on in and get back to pouring out what I need to, but it’s a slow climb back out of the hole of anxiety and depression, and I’ve nestled myself in firmly over the past month. Having patience with myself is one of my biggest trials lately.